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12-gallon bin specifically designed for hospitals


The Safe-Decon System is a sealable/airtight waste disposal unit that has multiple uses. Given today’s crisis with the Coronavirus, our system can safely be used in rooms with patients that have highly infectious diseases.


Our patent-protected system allows healthcare workers to dispose of highly infectious waste in a safer, cost-effective and more efficient manner than the current waste disposal services.


When the unit is ready, it is closed, making an airtight seal so that the vessel can be removed safely and easily from the room. The Safe-Decon containers are manufactured with an antimicrobial compound making it safer to handle by deterring any viruses from growing on the surfaces.


Our system keeps patients and healthcare workers safe while allowing for the complete decontamination of the contents onsite. This will allow all contents to be safely handled for immediate disposal or for those items that are reusable to be processed normally for cleaning and reuse without any cross-contamination.

The Safe-Decon System allows direct steam penetration to all of its contents, but not until the autoclave door has been closed and the cycle has started. No other product in the world can make this claim.


The Safe-Decon System is the next generation of current market solutions, allowing instant and onsite decontamination. The system has been rigorously tested with the University of Florida Clinical Lab. To date, the University has successfully conducted over 400 tests with the deadliest of pathogens including HIV and Influenza.

The importance of Bio-hazardous waste decontamination continues to grow. This is especially true when outbreaks of viruses such as the Coronavirus dictate better disposal standards of infected materials, ensuring the safety of staff and the public.

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