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Our vision is to stop the spread of disease globally

Armed Forces


Hospitals, doctors and veterinarians around the world deal with deadly pathogens on a daily basis. The Safe-Decon System provides these facilities with an easier and safer way to immediately destroy these pathogens and keep patients, staff and animals safe from harm.


Our armed forces are continually at risk while serving our country. Having been exposed to treacherous conditions, it is common for diseases to spread from solider-to-solider requiring quarantine. The Safe-Decon System provides an easy solution for foreign bases and navy ships to decontaminate exposed materials, stopping the spread of disease in contained environments.


With so much foot traffic, retail and drug stores, regularly deal with potential contamination incidents in their stores. Decontamination is key to ensure that pathogens are eliminated and therefore, do not impact food, other consumables or the public.

Cruise Ships


Cruise Ships have the potential to be a prime environment for the spread of diseases, due to the contained nature of the ship and the number of people sharing facilities at any one time. Frequent and secure decontamination is essential for materials in transit for long periods.


Hotels are at continual risk of disease exposure from travellers all over the world. Having an environmentally friendly way of managing pathogen disposal by decontaminating laundry and other goods is key to keeping the public and staff safe.


Airports and Aeroplanes do not have a mechanism for checking passengers for infectious diseases. Therefore, the risk of spreading continues from airports to airplanes where there is no safe method of containment. The Safe-Decon System provides a simple and safe solution for this.

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